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UPDATE: FreedHearts premium, conference-length, comprehensive video courses with Susan Cottrell are for parents, for LGBTQ+ & for the faith community. They are now called our FreedHearts Beloved Adventures and can be found at These video courses are packed with profound wisdom and presented in Susan's signature intimate, authentic, relatable style. Each course can be downloaded for you to watch at your convenience, and may also be used in a group setting at no additional cost. Remember, you are loved & you are not alone!  “Susan has this fierce, loving, don’t mess with me, Mom vibe.” —Rev Ashley Harness, Auburn Seminary “What impresses me about Susan is that she’s not someone who argues and strongarms people into seeing things her way. She’s someone who listens and cares for others really well. Her presence challenges Christians who reject our friends in the LGBTQ community to understand the love of God.” - Michael Hidalgo, Lead Pastor, Denver Community Church **NOTE: We never want finances to be a hindrance to someone getting the help they need. Please email us at if this is the case.

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