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FOR LGBTQ: Restoring yourself as an LGBTQI person. Mending religious, family and community wounds.

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FOR LGBTQ: Restoring yourself as an LGBTQI person. Mending religious, family and community wounds.

FreedHearts Premium Video Courses
4 ratings

Mend from hurts that have been inflicted by parents, family, church, and your communities.

This premium, comprehensive, conference-length video course will help LGBTQI people bridge gaps, restore relationships, and learn how to celebrate the truth and beauty of their genuine self. Learn how to restore and affirm yourself as an LGBTQ person, and free your heart to love and be loved as you deserve.

“As a mom and a friend, here’s my promise: I will be your companion on this journey of healing, to discover how beautiful you are, just as you are. No exceptions. I will tell you what you should have heard in school, in church and in your family. Together we will recover the love that belongs to every human being.” – Susan Cottrell

There are 12 sessions. Feel free to download them, and you are welcome to use them in a group setting.

You should watch the sessions in order...

1) You Belong Here

2) Pain of Family Rejection

3) Love in Community

4) Grieve Loss & Reject Shame

5) Finding God Again, or Not.

6) God is Not a Bully

7) Can We Talk About Hell?

8) God is Not a Weapon

9) No More Apologies, No More Suicides

10) Working Through Your Emotions

11) How To Be Your Own Best Friend

12) Reading From the Margins 

“For anyone who has been spiritually hurt by the church, by parents or family members, Susan Cottrell’s True Colors is a personal, intimate, powerful tool for genuine self-healing.” - Meghan Stabler, National Board of Directors, The Human Rights Campaign.

“As an LGBTQ person who has been deeply hurt by the callous actions of so many Christians and the church itself, I found True Colors to be profoundly encouraging and affirming. It’s as if Susan is sitting down right next to you, looking in your eyes, and gently, carefully, speaking words that act as a healing balm to your wounded soul.” —Marg Herder, EEWC, Christian Feminism Today

  • Includes a PDF copy of Susan's book. Please email us at and we will email it to you.

(For more information on Susan Cottrell and FreedHearts, you can visit our main website: and

SUSAN COTTRELL, a prominent voice for faith parents of LGBTQ children, was featured on ABC's 20/20, Nightline and Good Morning America, on NBC News Out, on The Advocate Magazine’s National Coming Out Day, Mother's Day, and other viral videos - as "our favorite affirming matriarch." - and is a devotional contributor on the Our Bible app. She is an international speaker who was featured on the TEDxMileHigh stage, and her TED talk is approaching a million views! She is a public theologian, acclaimed author, and consultant. Through her nonprofit organization—FreedHearts—Susan champions the LGBTQ community and families with her authenticity and tender-hearted zeal. Her books “Mom, I’m Gay”—Loving Your LGBTQ Child and Strengthening Your Faith; True Colors - Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You; and Radically Included - The Biblical Case for Radical Love and Inclusion are critically acclaimed. She and her husband Rob have been married for more than 30 years and have five children, two of whom are in the LGBTQ community.

“Susan has this fierce, loving, don’t mess with me, Mom vibe.”—Rev Ashley Harness, Auburn Seminary

“What impresses me about Susan is that she’s not someone who argues and strongarms people into seeing things her way. She’s someone who listens and cares for others really well. Her presence challenges Christians who reject our friends in the LGBTQ community to understand the love of God.” - Michael Hidalgo, Lead Pastor, Denver Community Church

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